Nature Sleep by Vita Balance 2017

Vita Balance is a USA based company that offers a natural sleep supplement to Canada and the USA.

It’s become very popular for those Canadians that are working shift work because of how well it works.

A sleep aid that puts you to sleep 30 mins after taking it? How is this possible?

I have found why this is considered the best sleeping pills over the counter for 2017.

Carrying the title of best natural sleep aid available over the counter in Canada is big in the sleep aid industry and many people have taken notice.

Currently there are free bottles offers in Canada for Natural Sleep pills.

Why Vita Balance is better than other sleep aids in Canada?

We know that sleep is very important for the normal growth and development of the brain. Less sleep speeds up aging as the body doesn’t have time to fully regenerate key cells and growth hormones.

Vita balance has developed a formula that, based on customer feed back is very effective at helping to achieve a better sleep.

“I wanted to tell you that I have tried a few different sleeping pills but they just didn’t do much to help me sleep. I work shift work for the GM Flint Michigan plant and could not transition from nights very well. Out of everything I tried the Vita Balance supplements helped me fall asleep earlier but also helped me stay sleeping even though my body was still in night shift mode. I’ve recommended these pills to my fellow co-works and wanted to let you know how much better these work than the melatonin pills I was taking.” – Tim Ellington, Michigan, USA

Many people choose melatonin pills with a higher dosage to help them fall asleep when the fact is melatonin pills do not work that way. Melatonin resets your internal clock (circadian rhythms) so that your body gets back into a regular routine.

Sleep supplements like the Vita Balance Natural Sleep supplements have a specific formulation that regulates sleep while triggering a relaxed state to help you fall asleep easier.

Well there are many other supplements like Alteril and Melatrol that have been popular for many years in Canada and the US.

Why is Vita Balance Natural Sleep Better?

The first thing that stands out to me with regards to any product you shop for online these days is the over promotion for the products. It’s hard to sift through what really works!

Older products like Alteril have been around so long and have so much great marketing that many people drift to buy it over other new products available.

The Natural sleep supplements from Vita balance have new formula that uses all natural ingredients which are very import to a healthier conscious country like Canada.

The Vita Balance Nature Sleep ingredients focus on the brain instead of specifically on the circadian rhythm to help trigger the body change in mood.

Secondly, finding a sleep aid that can actually put you to sleep is rare as every supplement regardless of they are used for can work differently for everyone.

Finding a consistent customer base of positive results from “Natural Sleep” is telling consumers that this sleep aid is working for many people.

Vita Balance Natural Sleep Ingredients

Natural Sleep Ingredients

Natural Sleep Ingredients List

They say the difference is always in the ingredients!

Containing a powerful blend of all natural ingredients that can help induce a state of sleep like no other sleep aid available online in 2017.

While other sleep aid ingredients focus on controlling your sleep cycle Vita Balance Natural sleep pills focus on inducing the body into falling asleep.

Here we will see why each Natural Sleep ingredient can help you fall asleep and stay asleep safely and without side effects.


Goji berry – Popular as an anti oxidant and loaded with Vitamins and fiber the berry extract also helps the body relax triggering a level of calmness. There are mood enhancement benefits along with the ability to induce sleepiness.

What many people don’t realize is that Goji berries contain 8 essential amino acids vital to the human body. Talking as little as just 4 ounce in a serving can provide up to 10% of your daily protein for the day.

Lemon Balm – Known for it’s ability to help reduce anxiety lemon balm reduces a busy mind. Nothing is worst than going to bed and laying there thinking about thing while you toss and turn.

By reducing restlessness you become more relaxed allowing the brain to trigger the rest and regeneration process as you drift off into the Stage 1 and 2 of Non REM sleep pattern.

Chamomile – This extract is often taken as a tea in the evening to help induce sleep. Molecular Medicine has recognized Chamomile is an effective mild tranquilizer and can be an very effective sleep-inducer.

The sedative effects help the body relax even when your in Midnight Mode, if you work shift work. It’s difficult to fall asleep on your days off after working midnight shift and Chamomile triggers a relaxed state in the body regardless of your sleep cycle.

Valerian – Currently used as a sleep aid ingredient in many sleeping pill supplements, this herb works very effectively to promote sleep, treat insomnia, reduce muscle/joint pain but can also reduce psychological stresses that include anti sleep conditions such as hysteria and anxiety.

Passion Fruit – There are sleep aid benefits found in the leaves of passion fruit because they contain alkaloids (nitrogenous organic compounds) that include Harman, know to reduce blood pressure and is an effective sedative and antispasmodic benefits.

StJohns Wort – Used to treat insomnia for many years as a stand alone treatment this ingredient is vital to helping the body fall asleep faster. Clinical studies have shown it’s effective for reducing anxiety, depression and weight loss.

This key sleep aid ingredient can stimulate the GABA receptor that’s a very important gateway for sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain. It actually triggers the brain into sleep mode.

When all these ingredients are combine together it’s makes one of the best natural sleep aid formulas in Canada and the USA.

It’s important to look at the additional health benefits of all the ingredients in any sleep aid.

Natural sleep not only contains activating ingredients to induce a deeper and prompt sleep, but they also offer additional benefits including a huge reduction in restlessness while reducing chronic pain, and lowering anxiety levels.

The key to controlling sleep is controlling key chemicals in the brain including the production of key hormones like serotonin and dopamine.

What is the Cost of  Vita Balance Natural Sleep?

A one month supply of Vita Balance Natural Sleep containing 60 capsules in each bottle will cost approximately $37.00 USD. There are better discounts for more bottle purchases and even free bottle offers.

If your not sure if Vita Balance Natural sleep is right for you then I suggest trying a smaller sample size that is still cost effective for you. Buying two bottles at a time will be cheaper per bottle and the same for shipping.


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