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Melatonin Sleeping Aids Saved Me

Working 12 hour Shifts

“I have been working 12 hour shifts for a year now and found that Alteril has helped me adjust quickly so I’m not wasting my days off sleeping”

My “About us” page is really just about me and my research into melatonin pills. I have a very cool story to tell you about how our products and service has helped change lives through better sleeping patterns.

We are Melatonin Pills Canada, located in Picton, Ontario Canada.

I started working for a food manufacturing facility in Belleville Ontario and work shift work. I work 12 hour shifts and rotate every two weeks from days to nights as I know there are others out there just like me.

This is my first time working this type of shift rotation and after just two months I realized just how hard it was on my body, switching back and fourth.

The Rough Part

After working two weeks of nights I would finish on the Monday morning so I would try to get to sleep about 1 hour after arriving home. Sometimes I could Sometimes I couldn’t. I would wake about around 3 in the afternoon giving me around 6 – 7 hours of sleep through the day.

Sleeping so late and with my body in nights mode I would start waking up and becoming more alert at 12 am on the Tuesday. Forcing myself to lay in bed I’d try to go to sleep fighting my wide open eyes.

Tuesday morning would roll around quickly and I would finally be tired BUT I force myself NOT to sleep because I have to go to bed early to make sure I wake up for my Wednesday shift that I’d set my alarm for at 5 am.

This quick turn around time would be a killer on my sleep pattern as it is for most people who work these shifts.

After trying several sleeping tips, I have listed the ones that worked best for me CLICK HERE to read them. I began sourcing Melatonin pills and I would take them as directed but they didn’t seem to help much. After researching how to take Melatonin pills properly they did seem to regulate my sleeping pattern somewhat but I would still be awake through the night, especially during the start of my two weeks of day shift.

I Needed More

Although I’ve heard and read that melatonin pills have helped many people regulate their sleep patterns I needed more so I found Alteril Sleeping Aid. This product was the game changer for me because it would provide me with the sleep regulating benefits of melatonin but also provide the required nutrients to induce sleep and relaxation just like it says on their website.

Any great sleeping aid needs to contain L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, Valerian, Chamomile, Hops, Passion Flower and Alteril does contain these, so this is my #1 suggestion.

My goal is to help others with sleeping problems just like I had and guide them through the bad and find the great home remedies that worked for me along with some proven and very popular melatonin sleeping aids.

If you have questions that this website cannot answer then please use the “Contact Us form“. I will receive the email and will try to help you as best I can if not I will direct you to where you can find the answers.