16 Tips for Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep

Following these expert tips for better sleep will help those of us that just cannot sleep no matter how hard we try! This is more common than you think and it seems the harder we try the less sleep we get.

Canadians are very much a part of what the Centers for Disease Control in the USA is calling a nationwide sleep epidemic. As a matter of fact, almost 8 in 10 Canadians admit that just one hour of extra sleep would make a big difference in they way they felt everyday. More sleep, even an hour, would help you feel better prepared for the day.

Here are some at home sleep remedies that are easy to follow and they can make a big difference in how you feel. These tip of part of the “Better Sleep Council” recommendations to help avoid health related issue attributed to sleep deprivation.

The Best Tips for Better Sleep

Start with a Relaxing Sleep Routine – When it’s time for bed experts suggest any or all of the following: start with a hot bath, listen to relaxing music that calms you or read a book once in bed for the night. Personally I read a book as this always works for me.

Try making sleep a top priority – Maintain a consistent sleep as well as wake routine, even on the weekends. If required, try including rest to your order of daily chores. As well as don’t be late getting to this part of you day because health wise it’s one of the most important parts of you day.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary – The bedroom must be the most convenient, and comfortable place in the house. Start by making it a dark, quiet, comfortable but trendy area of the house. If your bedroom doesn’t fit this criteria consider a room makeover.

Comfy Bedroom

Comfy Bedroom

Assess the comfort of your sheets, mattress and pillows – Your pillows and bed mattress need to supply full support and comfort. Your bed and also your body will naturally change gradually, so if your mattress is 7 years old (or older), it could be time for a brand-new one. Experts suggest changing out your pillow annually but if you have one that is working perfect for you keep using it.

I have been using the same pillow for 5 years now and it’s still comfortable for me. In summer time consider thinner sheets and pillow cases and in the winter change to thicker, warmer linens.

Leave work stress at work – This can be hard for some people but you need to separate work from the rest of your daily life. If you have to, come home discuss what happen at work to get it off your chest and then start you at home life. Also try to refrain from talking about stressful things in your life at bedtime as this will get you mind all worked up and it can hinder your sleep.

Remove modern technology – Did you know that electronics like your mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, TV and also computers can transmit back lighting in your room that can triggers certain chemicals in the brain that stimulate the body telling you it’s time to be awake.

As a minimum have a TV and watch old reruns while your in bed until your so bored your eyes get heavy and your mind starts to drift off to sleep. Hit the power button “OFF” and go to sleep.

Workout early in the day – Your HGH (Human growth hormones) and metabolism are at their highest in the mornings so this would be the best time to exercise. If you cannot work early then make sure you exercise at least 2 hrs prior to going to bed to ensure quality rest in the evenings. Even a brisk walk will increase blood circulation contributing to a much better sleep at bedtime.

Evaluate your bed space – Whether you sleep with a partner or alone, your bed mattress ought to allow adequate space for you to be able to move around freely throughout the night. A restricted bed space least to unwanted stress that prevents you from sleeping.

Limit your caffeine after lunch – Experts suggest replacing caffeine with water after lunch because caffeine can stay in your system much longer than you think. When you body is ready for sleep after dinner there may still be some levels of caffeine in your system that will prevent you from sleeping.

Alcohol beverages early in the day – As mentioned earlier, when you get home this is the best time to discuss your day and NOT at bed time. Having a glass of wine or beer can really relax you while you talk about work. Both wine and beer can tire the body out as they are very relaxing so if your going to reward yourself do it earlier in the evening.

Afetrnoon napMid day nap – Experts suggest taking a short snooze through your day as this can help recharge your batteries without disrupting your sleep later in the evening. Those who are sleep deprived can take just a 10-minute nap during the day as this can enhance awareness for up to 2.5 hrs and also for as much as 4 hrs for those who are well rested.

However you should limit a daily nap to just one if you can. Too much sleep throughout the day will have you up all night.

Eating light at night – It’s best to have your last meal or snack at least 2 – 3 hrs before your bedtime. This allow ample time for digestion and energy burn off.

Keep a STRESS journal – Experts suggest writing down in a daily journal all the things that have caused stress through the day. This allows your mind to distance yourself from the stress and anxiety of the day and in turn will help you relax easier at night.

Set a limit on your snooze button – I always use my snooze button! You need to limit hitting the snooze to just once. To help you need to set it for the latest possible time in order to still wake up on schedule. With multiple interruption in your sleep by hitting the snooze button will frustrate you sleep cycle and you wake up sluggish and drowsy.

Purchase an alarm clock – Yes..back to old school. Everyone uses their smart phones these days for everything including the alarm. Even though this is easy and convenient the light, sound or vibration from email, Facebook, Instagram etc notifications can subconsciously interfere with your sleep.

No water – Stop drinking water or liquids at least 1 – 2 hours before bed, this way your body doesn’t have to wake you up to go to the bathroom during the night.


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