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We have various sleeping aids that contain the exact amount of melatonin in every pill to help get back on the sleep schedule you need so your body can rest.

It doesn’t matter what your daily life brings you there are some people that just cannot get a good nights sleep or they may not be able to sleep at all. On the other hand you may have one of those nights where you finally fall asleep, but then you wake up a few hours later and just cannot fall back to sleep, no matter what you try. Frustrating!!

We offer melatonin pills in Canada to help you get the sleep you need but sometimes our internal clocks need a little more.

Alteril in Canada – Rated #1

Alteril with Melatonin

Alteril with Melatonin

We offer complete, all-natural, over the counter sleep aids that provide you with everything you need in one formula to put you to sleep at night or through the day for those that work shift work.

In Canada and the USA it’s very common to work shift with quick turn around times in the schedule. Working two weeks of night then switching back to two weeks of days is KILLER. The human body is not meant to have this type of sleeping pattern and it cannot adjust.

“I use Alteril, it works great for me. In my opinion it’s the best melatonin pills in Canada and it works very well for me so I have not tried anything else”. Richard Jarvis – Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Read more from Richard HERE.

Alteril is Safe and Doctor Approved

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Why Buy Melatonin Supplements?

There is a hormone that gets produced in the small pineal gland of our brain which controls our cycles for sleeping and waking up. This hormone is called melatonin. Not only does it exist in humans, but it exists in animals as well. Pretty much any living organism that sleeps will have melatonin in it.

Sunflower Seeds High MelatoninYou can also find melatonin in some of the foods that we eat such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. But the most popular way to consume melatonin is by getting it in supplement form. That way it will be more effective when trying to control your sleep cycles. All you have to know is the right dosage to take and when to take it.

Most people naturally know how to control their sleep without even thinking about it. The melatonin in our bodies acts as an internal clock which lets us know when it is time to go to sleep and wake up. In the evening time, the level of melatonin in the body typically rises and makes us sleepier. Then in the morning, our melatonin levels drop and make us feel more awake.

However, there are people who suffer from health conditions like insomnia who are not able to get to sleep because they don’t produce enough melatonin in their body. This could be due to symptoms of depression or seasonal effective disorder where the daylight outside lasts longer than they’re used to.

Old age also plays a factor in having lower melatonin levels. In fact, many senior citizens don’t produce any melatonin at all. The only way people like this will be able to get a good night’s sleep is if they take melatonin supplements in order to make up for the melatonin they are not producing naturally in their body.

How Much Melatonin to Take

This depends on what your taking melatonin pills for. The majority of people who inquire are looking for melatonin sleep aid. Also see Proper Melatonin Dosage.

Help regulate your sleep

Help to regulate your sleep.

To help regulate your sleep, the recommended dosage for melatonin supplements is 1 to 3 milligrams in the evening time, or at least two hours before you go to sleep. This will raise your melatonin levels about 1 to 20 times the amount it is at right now. It is important you take the dosage around the time you are getting ready to go to sleep.

If you were to take this dosage at the wrong time like in the morning, for example, then this will mess up your entire sleep schedule.

Please note that melatonin supplements are not regulated by the FDA and there are no guarantees made that it will fix your current sleep problem. But many people with sleeping disorders have given melatonin supplements rave reviews about how well it helped them get back on track by getting a better night’s sleep. You should consider taking a sleep aid like Alteril for sleeping issues because it contain more than just melatonin.

There are many melatonin benefits beside just those that help people get their internal clock back to normal after working shift work for example.

Melatonin Side Effects

Yes there can be depending on a few different factors like how much your taking and for what reason. Here is a list of the most commonly reported side effects according to

  • dizziness.
  • Melatonin side effectsdrowsiness.
  • fatigue.
  • stomach discomfort.
  • decreased alertness.
  • headache.
  • irritability.

More is NOT always better and although there are many additional health benefits of melatonin you will want to make sure your only taking to recommended amount for the condition you are trying to treat.

Some of the best melatonin supplements that work for everyone is only in the 3mg capsules. Most used for sleeping issues range as high as 5mg so you don’t need to over do it.

Melatonin for Children

Melatonin for ChildrenYes children can take a melatonin supplement. In fact depending on the age of the child and the dosage melatonin has been used to help treat children who have ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but also, autism, cerebral palsy, and some additional developmental disabilities.

Fact is 25% of children will take a longer time to actually fall asleep. When they continuously creep out of their beds in the evening and ask for the famous last drink water or one last story the potentially could have what’s called “Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS)”where sleep is often delayed up to 2 hours.

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Studies have shown that for those children who can sleep at night without issue will often do better academically in school. In addition these children will be less likely to get sports injuries or be overweight.

It’s not very common but some children’s circadian rhythms (internal clock) may need some adjusting but before you run out and buy some to get your child to sleep at night I suggest you talk to your doctor because if you child isn’t sleeping there could be other reasons instead of his internal clock not working correctly.

Also keep in mind or at least be tentative to the fact that a higher melatonin dosage increases the risk of seizures in children more the adults.

Melatonin for Dogs

Melatonin Dogs

Melatonin for dog is a real thing. Often time smaller dosages ( .5 – 10 mg depending on dog size) can be used to induce better sleep patterns, reduce your pets anxiety, or even lower blood pressure.

There are many different brands of melatonin for dogs just like for humans and many are NOT the real deal, so I recommend shopping at your local vets office first. this supplement to your pet with your veterinarian before using melatonin for dogs.

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Melatonin 10mg

Melatonin 10mg is great for pets too!

Melatonin for Jet Lag

Different time zones can be hard on world traveler so you’ll be happy to know that melatonin for jet leg is very common.

The main reason jet setters use this particular supplement is the fact that raises your level of alertness and movement coordination. It can prevent daytime sleepiness and sluggishness.

Problem is humans by nature can be impatient but you have to give the melatonin at least 20 – 30 min before your target bedtime as this will allow it to get into the system before trying to go to sleep.

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Who Should Not Take Melatonin

If you have or have had, health issues, it’s best to talk to your doctor before taking this type of supplement. You certainly should never replace any doctor prescribed medication with melatonin pills.

Is melatonin Safe

Is melatonin Safe for everyone?

Certain medical conditions you should be aware of before taking melatonin.

  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • High or low blood pressure
  • A bleeding or blood-clotting disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • organ transplants

Even though melatonin will help to boost the immune functions in our body it could interfere with certain immunosuppressive medications.

Melatonin Dreams

Because melatonin helps to trigger a stage 3 and 4 of sleep,  some people have reported having some very vivid dreams and even very real nightmares. Sometime this can be confused with stage 4 sleep because it common the have night terrors during this phase of sleep.

Also when you take too much melatonin it could disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythms triggering an increase in stage 3 of sleep dream activity in some people.

Pregnancy and Melatonin Supplements

Taking a melatonin supplement when you pregnant or breast feeding not be safe for you or the baby. Only your doctor can determine if melatonin pills are safe given your condition and state of health.

Research has shown that melatonin can interfere with ovulation making it even more difficult for some women to conceive.

Why Melatonin Pills in Canada?

We offer you the best melatonin pills available for whatever your situation may be. With fast shipping anywhere in Canada and the USA you’ll know your getting the very best Melatonin Pills in Canada.